Life Design Coaching & Energy Healing for women ready for change

Do you want to ….

Feel more joy and fulfilment in your personal & professional life?

Discover your potential, overcome limits and live aligned with your true nature?

Find your soul purpose, align your activities and create a life that actually makes you happy?

fulfilled living

Do you feel ….

Tired and uninspired in your job or business?

Disconnected from your true nature and life purpose?

Confused and irritated from all the external suggestions on how to live your life?

Heal & Elevate

You know it for some time now, but simply did not dare to admit that it’s time to turn your life around – to heal and elevate!

Maybe you don’t know where to start as you can hardly remember who you really are, what makes you tick and what it is you truly desire. You are not alone! Now is the time to break free and stop living somebody else’s life!

In this noisy world, it is rather difficult to stay true to yourself and shut out external voices that fill your head and agenda. Since childhood you have been moulded to fit into a system; one that might not suit you! Influenced by parents, teachers and managers you took decisions and fulfilled others’ expectations ignoring your own boundaries thinking they know what is best for you, your personal and professional development, your choices in career, relationships and life in general! Or maybe you focussed on raising your own children, prioritised their wellbeing and interests over your own needs.

Only now, years later, you realise that you are living a life that feels foreign, dull and draining. A life that does not fill your heart with joy. You are craving new meaning, more ease, fun, fulfilment and want to share your ideas and talents with the world. You long to re-discover your very own talents and passions, decode your authentic blueprint and start creating a purposeful, aligned life that truly makes you happy!

Be the change you want to see

But feeling deeply disconnected and unsatisfied, you are spreading bad vibes at home, have low energy or even health and relationship problems. All you are hoping for is a liberating change. But are you aware that you are the change? That you can decide to stop the suffering now and break the cycle of misery – for yourself and automatically for your children too? You are the key to creating the change you want to see in your life and the life of your loved once! Only you can design the life you secretly dream of!

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

You are a powerful creator! It’s time to break the cycle, stop living somebody else’s life and take charge over your fortune!
Stop, Step out and Step up now to create
a life that makes you thrive.

Let me be your Guide

I am Britta van Arman, Life Design Coach & Energy Healer. I am working with women & mothers just like you! Women that want to overcome limitations, elevate professionally, become authentic female leaders and design a purposeful life. A life filled with awareness, intention and choices that embraces and aligns with their talents, values and passions. I provide guidance and insights to help you

  • Re-discover your essence
  • Set personal goals
  • Heal and overcome inherited blockages and limiting beliefs
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Align & Plan your activities
  • Take the right steps at the right time
  • Create supportive spaces you can thrive in

In my practice, I combine Life Coaching and Business knowledge with Healing and Metaphysics. It is my mission to empower professional women that feel stuck and unfulfilled to redirect their life. Do you want to break the vicious cycle, (re-)discover your true nature and start designing the life you secretly dream of? Then I am looking forward to connect with you!

Heal to enjoy life

Personal life coaching helps you remove also energetic blockages, recharge and align your activities. You will experience various benefits from personal life coaching, whether it be online or in Amsterdam, such as a deeper connection with yourself, clarity about your purpose, higher level of productivity or an improved health. To experience these benefits, you need to understand that everything is energetically connected. Healing your energies with personal life coaching, online or in Amsterdam, will lead to a healthier, happier and more successful life.


Where are you now?

Seeking Clarity

Longing a life filled with purpose, intention and integrity, you are ready for change, want to (re)discover your mission and the pathway to unleash your full potential. You seek clarity and insights about yourself, your talents and priorities and want to live in alignment with your true nature.

Ready for Action

You know yourself and what you want, but need guidance to bring your dreams to life. Something is holding you back from staying focussed and reaching your goal. You want to overcome the blockage and create an authentic and aligned plan to finally create your dream life.

Staying on track

You have a life blueprint and plan in place, but keep getting lost along the way. You need somebody to hold you accountable! You are searching for a sparring partner to help you stay on track, to reflect, brainstorm and align next steps – timely and spatially- to maximise the outcome.

How I can help?

Purpose & Clarity

Finding purpose starts with self discovery; understanding yourself, your talents, preferences and patterns. Together we peel off the layers and create insights that help you (re-) discover your true nature, reveal your life purpose and define the next steps.

Life Design

Life Design is a journey. You need to define the destination and plan out the way to get there. I help you create the roadmap and align the essential steps with the energy of time and space for best outcome of your activities. Let’s bring your vision to life together.

Support & Accountability

Having a vision and a plan is often simply not enough to make change happen. You need a sparring partner, somebody who holds you accountable and on-track, somebody who supports and advices you also in challenging times when self sabotage kicks in.

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