Energy Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching
for highly sensitive women ready for change

More and more women feel a deep desire to change and live a life that feels more joyful and aligned with their own nature. But they are stuck in their beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours or in emotions of fear and doubt. All those mental and emotional blockages have created their current life. Are you one of them and wonder if there is more to life, a different way of living? Do you want to free yourself from those blockages? Are you ready to embark into a spiritual journey, to heal and empower yourself and consciously create the change and the life you long for?

Do you want to ….

… feel more at ease, free, balanced and joyful and long for a more fulfilling life that matches who you truly are?

… overcome worries, fear and whatever else is holding you back from being that person and living the life you secretly envision?

… develop a deeper connection with yourself, your essence, others and grow spiritually?

woman sitting on the beach during sunset, spreading her arms joyfully
lonely women sitting on the seaside with her head on her knees

Letting go of feeling …

… overwhelmed, tired and frustrated as you miss support and pleasure in your personal and professional life.

… confused and irritated from fulfilling expectations, obligations and pressure from your surrounding.

… lonely, misunderstood and distanced from others as well as your true self, your soul and your dreams.

During my healing & coaching sessions I am clearing, reading and rebalancing your energy field, the aura and chakras. That way we can reveal the cause of physical and emotional imbalance and release what does not serve you anymore.

Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach Britta van Arman with rozequarts

Let me be your guide

I am Britta van Arman, a down-to-earth shamanic Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach. I work with highly sensitive women and mothers just like you! Women that wish to heal emotional and mental blockages so that they feel free and empowered to create the life they envision. A life filled with awareness, intention and choices that embrace and align with their talents, values and passions. I provide guidance and insights through intuitive, spiritual life coaching combined with energy healing, visualisations and rituals to help you:

  • Release heaviness and tension
  • Connect with your true essence, your heart and soul
  • Heal and overcome blockages and limiting beliefs
  • Perform meaningful rituals to free yourself from limitation
  • Meet your spirit guides
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Create physical and spacial balance

It is my mission to empower highly sensitive women, coaches and light workers, that feel stuck and overwhelmed to redirect their life by applying and passing on tools to balance physical, mental and spatial energies. Do you want to break the vicious cycle, (re-)discover your own, true nature by connecting with your heart and understand your soul’s longing? Then I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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