Do you have difficulties following through with your goals? You are not alone!

New year, new beginnings, new intentions and goals. Many women are dreaming of a more balanced and aligned life and set their intensions and goals to make it happen this year, but then fail to realise them. In this article I am sharing the 4 mistakes to avoid when setting your goals.

Whether it is fitness or weight loss, a promotion, career or business change, finishing the studies you started long time ago, paying back a loan or painting the house…. often we start of great, then due to circumstances, we get side tracked and even give up. Why? What are the reasons? How can we change or prevent it?

4 mistakes to avoid when setting your 2022 intention and goals

1. Wanting too much in too little time

Even the biggest goal starts with a first step, but often we forget to break our goal down into small steps. It’s easy to get frustrated when the goal is too far away and difficult to reach. It is overwhelming, we get frustrated, doubt ourselves and give up.

>>Define small steps towards your goal. Every step brings you closer to reaching it and oh yes, it feels so good when you can tick off that task on your to-do list. Don’t forget to celebrate every small win along the way to stay motivated.

2. Doing it all alone

I am often enough guilty of this myself, but let’s face it, nobody is perfect! We all have our strengths and weaknesses and together we are stronger! This month, I wanted to launch the Healing with Nature online membership and had to face so many challenges along the way, I probably would have given up. Luckily I was collaborating with my dear friend and colleague Nathasja Gootjes for this membership program to support each other and come to help when needed.

>>Asking for the help of a friend or expert is really no shame and often gives us a push to stay focussed. Accountability is a driver for many of us to get things done! Identify some helpful and knowledgeable people in your network and then dare to ask for help or a collaboration. You will be surprised how much love and support you will find!

3. Setting goals that don’t excite you

If you don’t feel excited about your goals, you are destined to fail realising them. Maybe you cannot pinpoint what it is, but you are not motivated to work on the goal. Maybe it’s not what you really want; or maybe not at this very moment? Or it does not suit your personality, your talents, your believes and your dreams? Is simply does not make your heart sing.

Most people, especially in business, approach goal setting with pure logic. As a result, we set goals that do not resonate with us and/or the universal energies.

>>Take time for yourself, turn inwards, feel what it is you want to create this year. It will help you to set a meaningful intention and define goals that reflect your authentic self.

The power of the heart
Allow me to share a few amazing figures explaining the power of the heart.

    • We are using daily only 10% of our brain’s potential; mostly using the left, the analytical side.
    • 50% of us take decisions and set goals based on pure logic while our actions to realise them are for 92% based on emotions (which live in our heart chakra). Can you see the conflict here?
    • The magnetic field of the heart is 5.000 times greater than that of the brain.
      It extends outside the body where it then (re)connects with our own body, the environment and the universal energies. This is the force that attracts whatever shows up in your life.

Wow, no wonder that following the heart is so impactful. And it explains why we often struggle to reach goals. We miss the alignment with our own emotions, with the surrounding and the universal energies!

For our Healing with Nature members, we provided the tools to set meaningful intention and goals that feel aligned. After hearing that many people do not even set goals anymore, while it is essential to creating the life of your dreams, we decided to offer our tools also to non-members. Read more here.

4. Going against the stream

Nature provides us with a blueprint for balanced, harmonic living. Aligning our own activities to the rhythm of nature is creating this same balance in our lives too.
>> Spend time in nature, appreciate its beauty and pay attention to what you see, hear and feel. Mother Earth is nurturing us, keeps us grounded and brings us messages. Allow yourself to slow down when nature does, plant your seeds and harvest them when they are ripened. This is also the aim of Healing with Nature.

How do you set your goals? How do you stay motivated and aligned? Share your tips, insights or questions with us in the comments below or send them to me by email.

Need help creating your dream life, align your goals to the cosmic energies of 2022 or letting go of whatever holds you back to make it happen? Contact me for a free introduction call to see how I can help you. I am looking forward to hear from!