4 ways to strengthen your intuition

Are you trusting your gut feeling, your intuition, to navigate life? Take instant decisions that reflect what you truly feel, want and is good for you? No matter what others, or your logic mind, tells you?

What is intuition?

Whether you refer to it as your gut feeling, your inner voice, inner knowing, guidance or consciousness, you do have it. We are all intuitive beings, and even if you have been out of touch with your intuition for a long time, it is still there – inside of you – waiting for you to tap into its wisdom.

It is your very own personal, inner compass that helps you to take decisions in relationships, personal and professional life that match your soul path, your mission and purpose without overthinking and overanalyzing. You simply feel what is best for you, what you need to do, how to react and decide. It is an empowering force that supports your confidence, your self-esteem and respect from others. A strong intuition is reinforcing your personal boundaries too.

I collated some of the ways to rediscover and strengthen your intuition. Start using and trusting your intuition to empower yourself and take decisions that support the life you long for.

  1. Take a break and clear your mind

    Slowing down and taking a break from daily obligations helps you to distance yourself from challenging situations, to clear your mind and feel what really matters to you. If holidays are not feasible, define time and activities that allow you to disconnect mentally. Supportive practices are for example meditation, yoga, breathwork, nature walks, dancing, swimming, anything that moves your focus from head to heart and body, into the here and now.

  2. Pay attention to physical sensations

    Try to recognize what is happening in your body by mentally scanning your body. Guided body scan meditations are a great tool to get started. It helps you to detect and release tension and pain which are often related to your state of mind and your emotions.

    Another mindfulness technique is to label an emotion whenever it arises, anger for example, and paying attention to the sensations it causes in your body (pressure in your stomach, tight shoulders … ).

  3. Focus on yourself

    Ask yourself frequently: How am I feeling? How does this situation/relationship/decision make me feel? What do I need to feel good about it? Feel it in your body.

  4. Connecting to universe and earth

    Connecting with the energy of the universe and mother earth for guidance and grounding is a powerful foundation to work with intuitively. While mentally distributing energy through the body, we clear and replace stagnant energy with fresh, rejuvenating energy. This practice creates a connection to the higher realm and strengthens our inner knowing while grounding your in the here and now. It enables not only our own self-healing ability, but you can use it to read and heal others too. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Explore your intuitive gifts

Discovering and trusting your intuition is the foundation to use your own healing gifts, to heal yourself and others. It is a muscle you can train and the easiest way is to build a trusting relationship with your intuition in a playful way. To ask questions and explore with it.

Are you listening and trusting your intuition? Does it help you to live authentically? Please share with us also how you work with your intuition and how it influences your day activities.

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