5 Reasons to connect with animal and plant guides

When I started own spiritual journey, animal and plant guides were something I only knew from movies, books and magazines. And to be quite frankly, I did not quite understand how to connect, read and benefit from their energies.

Years later, when connecting more deeply with nature, standing still to enjoy its beauty I realised that all we see and feel around us carries messages and guidance. Connecting with animals or plants in nature or in meditation became one of my go-to tools when looking for support and answers.

I am also working intuitively with the energy of plants and animals in my healing work or connect with them in meditation and often get asked by clients what makes it so powerful.

Here some of the benefits of connecting with animal and plant guides:

  1. Personal Guidance
    Animals and plant guides can provide insights and wisdom to help navigate life’s challenges and make important decisions. These guides may offer a unique perspective or teach valuable lessons that align with your personal circumstances.
  2. Connection with Nature
    Working with animals and plant guides creates a deeper connection with the natural world. It helps you to become aware of the interconnection of all living beings and the environment. This awareness can bring a sense of harmony, peace, and appreciation for nature.
  3. Symbolism and Messages
    Each animal and plant guide carries its own symbolism and messages. Working with them, you will learn to interpret those signs and symbols, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. The messages often reflect qualities, strengths, or lessons that are relevant to your life at that very moment.
  4. Emotional Support and Healing
    Animal and plant guides can provide emotional support during challenging times. They are offering comfort, encouragement, and protection. Their presence can help release stress and anxiety while providing grounding and stability.
  5. Personal Growth and Self-Discovery 
    Working with animal and plant guides is a journey of self-discovery. It can help to uncover hidden aspects of yourself, explore your strengths and weaknesses, and increase your level of self-awareness. By embracing the qualities of your animal or plant guide, you can enhance personal growth and work on self-improvement.

Your own association

You might get an own sense or association when seeing an animal, whether it is in nature or in meditation. I recommend to always trust your own instinct, your own association and interpretation to receive the message that is most important for you at the given moment.

Do you want to use nature’s wisdom to find your true nature?

If you want to learn with the energy of nature for your personal growth, please check out the online course I developed together with my friend and colleague Nathasja Gootjes. Healing with Nature course introduces a specific animal and plant guide every month to support the monthly themes and challenges nature, we, are facing. You can try it out one month for free with our trial module.

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