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I am Britta van Arman, Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide!

Following my heart, my intuition and passion, my values and talents, I realised that my healing journey inspired other women and decided to share my experience.

I guide highly sensitive women (and men) to fully embrace themselves and empower them on their journey towards a more joyful and fulfilling life.

I guide highly sensitives to re-discover their true nature and empower them to create a life filled with joy, intention and purpose.

Stepping up to create change

I know from experience how exciting, scary and even nerve wracking it is once you decide to change direction; whether it is a career switch, move into a new home/country or a break-up. Leaving the known behind and do something new and uncertain often seems crazy even to the closest family and friends. All they see is the external side of your life where all looks so well and happy.

But deep inside you might simply feel empty, numb, hurt and misplaced. You are searching for that inner spark and excitement. You want to find your purpose and feel fulfilled and playful again. But what is it exactly? And how to get there? You fear change as it requires not only clarity, self awareness and discipline, but also courage to fail while others are watch you taking first, insecure steps into a new direction.

You are not alone

Believe me, it’s been painful when self-doubts were holding me back from living my own truth. It took many years before I dared to break the cycle of my down-to-earth German upbringing and face the challenge. I needed support to find out what I truly desired.

My first coach helped me gain clarity and the courage to use my Feng Shui knowledge to help women creating a more supportive living environment and started my journey as Feng Shui Consultant. This was just the beginning of an intense journey of self discovery.

Over the years, I added multiple coaching and healing disciplines to my own portfolio to peel off layers of limiting beliefs and emotional blockages, to reconnect with my true essence and find my own voice and genius. Working with multiple coaches, spiritual guides and business mentors supports me on my ongoing, personal and professional journey.

Women holding hands to support each other

Revealing your Power

It is my mission to help especially other professional, highly sensitive women (men are welcome too) to discover and reconnect with their true nature. To empower them to tap into their hidden talents to create the life they envision; especially those selfless women who have put their own ambitions and dreams aside while taking care of children and/or family matters. This is really close to my heart as I strongly believe that we need to create balance in our hard and harsh world. It’s time to stop hiding behind the frameworks of employers and upbringing, discover the path towards a more fulfilling and abundant life for yourself and your surrounding! Let’s create a better future for our children.

Breaking the chain

Transitioning from corporate environments to running my own coaching practice was a challenging journey and I have gone probably through the same struggles and doubts as you currently are. I put up with obligations and expectations way too long. I listened to family and friends advising me to stay in my safe and well paid positions, until I could not bare it any longer. It was especially the system and the fact that I needed to fit into frameworks that did not suit me and created a lack of authenticity in myself.

Feeling like an out-cast with different values and belief systems

I was tired, drained and frustrated from office politics and power fights between teams. Once I freed myself, it felt like I had gone through years of mental and emotional suffering. And even though I was always an over-achiever in my professional life, I had some work to do to get unstuck and rediscover my true nature before I could achieve anything! Therefore I explored a wide range of approaches to heal and grow until I found my new purpose, my voice and my wings.

Making your life transformation smoother

In my holistic practice I am combining Spiritual Life Coaching with Energy Healing techniques, Constellation work. Furthermore I apply and share a variety of practices in my circles, groups and personal sessions.

These include but are not limited to Mindfulness, Meditations, Law of Attraction, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Bach Blossom Remedies, Ho’oponopono, Healing with Symbols, Sound healing, Systemic Ritual®️ and Shamanism for mental and physical well-being. And if applicable, I sometimes even dive into Chinese Metaphysics like BaZi (Astrology for personal profiling), QiMen Dunja (manifesting and forecasting), Feng Shui (spacial energies) & Date Selection (aligning time & activity).

Being the leader I want my children to be

My two children (teenage boy & girl) are my biggest driver! During my career transformation I started to see the connection between limiting beliefs, social programming, expectations from upbringing and how it all influenced my own behavior, thinking patterns and life decisions. Only once I started breaking the cycle, started listening to myself, I discovered my essence and the things that make me truly happy.

I want to be a role model for my children, teaching them to do the things that truly fill their hearts with joy, even if it requires to break the norm. I am hoping to inspire other mothers to do the same: Evolve and prepare your children to embrace their true nature and stand up for themselves to become the leaders of the future!

Going with the flow of water

In metaphysical terms, I am a yang water person – this explains also the love for the ocean, for swimming and sailing, for everything that moves fast and my longing for flow and balance!

Like the ocean with its tides, my creative mind never stands still and keeps brewing up new ideas. Water also stands for emotions, so you can probably already guess? I am a touchy and feely person when choosing clothes, food or decorating my home. It needs to have the right feel and I am more and more listening to my heart and gut to take decisions that suit me.

Despite my typical German sense for practicality, I am highly intuitive and have a good idea of what to expect from situations and other people too. I learned to embrace this gift and play with it rather than shutting it down; it actually became an important part of my work. I also enjoy playing with my oracle cards and gemstones. Crystals are my companions in good and in bad times to stimulate, balance, purify or protect body and environment.

The role of my cultural background

I am the 4th child in my family and grew up just outside Frankfurt, Germany. After meeting the love of my life (An American from New England living in Amsterdam, Netherlands), I took the leap and moved to the lowlands myself. Before we knew it, we were expecting a boy and completed the family planning 4 years later with a girl.

You find me in the kitchen often; and not only because of necessity, but also because of joy. I am cooking my best meals and bake my best cakes when I am listening to mantra music during the process. Talking about processes, I am good at defining processes and making plans – preferably for others though.

I like spontaneous visits with friends, walks in nature, dancing lessons with my husband, board games and movie nights with the kids, power walking with a lovely trainer and friend and most importantly traveling the world. There is still so much to explore and learn about nature, the universe, different cultures and religions, I can’t wait for the next experience at the next magical destination. And I can’t wait to meet YOU!

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