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I am a career coach based in Amsterdam, who offers online and in-person consultations that guide you towards a meaningful career path. Your career is a vital part of your life that influences your personal, mental and spatial energies. A career that matches your talent and sense of purpose positively influences all of your energies, leading to a healthier, happier and successful life. Living Chi, based in Amsterdam, helps you shape your career as a coach, through online or in-person consultations.

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The various benefits of career coach consultations in Amsterdam or online

Everything is energetically connected, which is why positive energy originating from your career will have a positive impact on the rest of your life. Your career should match your talent and sense of purpose to ensure you are able to reap the benefits of a balanced life. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • An increase in your focus and productivity
  • An increased level of energy
  • A higher number of opportunities
  • A better financial flow
  • An improved sleep pattern
  • An improved health

You will notice the positive effects of these benefits on your life with the help of online or in-person consultations in Amsterdam with a career coach. I also help you to find balance in your life as a life coach and a healing coach.

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I do not only offer personal online or in-person consultations in Amsterdam as a career coach. I also organize workshops and speak at conferences to share my insights. Take a look at the upcoming events and join me. You can also schedule a consultation by getting in touch with me. Feel free to call me at +31 (0)6 139 180 54, send an email to britta@livingchi.nl or fill in my contact form.