Entering May, our focus is shifting towards external activities! We want to go out, mingle, meet new people, dance, celebrate life and love! Nature is blooming and seducing with its beautiful flowers, colours, shapes and smells that tickle the senses of animals and humans alike. Leaving the dark season behind we finally moved completely into the light, active and warm yang period and celebrate new beginnings.

But are we able to fully live and dance with the cycle of nature while still dealing with limitations caused by this never-ending pandemic? What can we do to keep moving forward and get the best out of this yin water snake month? 

Looking at the astrology of the month, it seems to be indeed a time of socialising and networking, enjoying company of others and even travelling again (depending on your location and local regulations). But not all is as rosy as it appears at first sight: C (the dis-ease that must not be named) is still amongst us and while it seems that we are getting a break and more freedom, it is still not the end!

This month we still have enough resources (money, relationships and opportunities…) available and are in spending and socialising mood. It’s a natural compensation mechanism after all these months with limited contacts, but be aware and careful with your budget and health as there is an underlying energy of stagnation and struggle which could be an indication for more challenges.

My teachers are still predicting challenging months ahead of us; especially with regards to health and finances. Also financial experts like Robert Kiyosaki (author of ‘Poor Dad Rich Dad’) talk about it and recommend to build up savings that cover living costs for a period of six months. 

The three things that make you dance 

It all starts with YOU – your own energy, your goals and your talents. The cycle of nature is all about new beginnings, but in order to create something new, you gotta let go off that old, hindering stuff. Think of the snake and how it sheds off her skin, leaving behind what blocks her from growing. Whether it is people in your surrounding, negative self-talk or fear. Get clear and let it go to avoid that poisoning bite of unsupportive people, behaviour and mindset.

1 – Your own energy

Yin is about nurturing, helping, beauty, flow and harmony with an internal focus while the yang energy is fast, pushy and forward moving with an eye on the external world. Are you aware of these aspects and their impact on your performance? Do you need to take a step back and review your strategy or do you need to take action to get it done?

Balancing yin & yang for better performance
You can think of it as planning vs. action phase. How much time do you spend planning, researching and thinking about your goal vs. taking action and doing whatever it takes to bring them to life? The yin water aspect of this month creates gentle and nurturing energy that will help you work on all the emotions that these questions might trigger. Take time for your review and be gentle to yourself!

Especially we women are more prone to getting stuck in the research, planning and preparing phase and procrastinate to take action. It is simply our nature to nurture our babies, our ideas, products and services, to dress and wrap them nicely before taking them out and show them to the world. But this might also cause delays that hinders us to move forward!

If this sounds familiar, then it is clearly time to activate your yang energy, to get out there, speak up and claim what you want! Don’t have enough courage? Let’s call Feng Shui to aid. The 3-star in Feng Shui is known to trigger not only conflicts, but also courage. This star moves to the Northwest sector of any space (your home or office) this month (5 May – 4 June). Try to use this sector of your space for the activities that require courage!

Or are you are exhausted from jumping from one online meeting into the next, trying to catch up with deadlines and deliverables and struggle to meet targets while simultaneously taking care of kids, a partner, homeschooling and all other family matters? If this describes you, then you should certainly incorporate more yin energy. Slow down, evaluate your activities, set priorities and boundaries for yourself and optimise your resources. Take your notebook or flip chart out to map it all out. The South sector is a great location to do that as it offers support and helps to connect with helpful people. Actively look for a coach or accountability partner while sitting in the South.

Connect with nature
Spending time in nature is grounding and inspiring and during this month of May, the willow tree is a great helper too. Carrying male and female blossoms within one tree, she is an extraordinary example of nature uniting the feminine and masculine energies. The willow has the ability to lead you to your deepest emotions and helps you see the behaviours, patterns, people and things you can better let go off as they do not serve you anymore. Don’t forget, letting go makes space for something new and enables new beginnings. 

To work with the energy of the willow, sit with your back leaning against the trunk or hugging it. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing until you are calm and meditate over your questions. Take note of the thoughts, emotions and pictures that come up and use these insights in your decision making process.

2 – Your goals

Most people set goals for health, relationship and career in the beginning of the year and I am pretty sure so did you! But how is it going? Are you getting there? 

We all know the SMART goal formula of course, but the best goals are not only smart (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely), they are also ALIGNed (authentic, loving, inventive, generous, natural) and include a road map. If you feel like drifting off, not getting closer to your goal it might just be that you forgot to make that road map for yourself, or that the goal simply isn’t clear enough to feel aligned and make you thrive.

Re(defining) your goals
To define your goals in more details, you need to start with the status quo. Let’s say you set yourself an income goal, make sure you know your current numbers! An overview with all income streams and monthly expenses helps you to gain a clear overview.
How far away are you then from your goal and how can you bridge the gap? What actions can you take to generate more income? Knowing the facts makes it so much easier to define your next actions.

For most women, finance related goals are extremely challenging! We have so many money blocks that are rooted in our upbringing and social programming. Think of the shedding snake; perfect timing to peel off some layers and free yourself from these blockages too.

3 – Your talents & resources

Are you aware of your talents? And do you facilitate them to get to your goals? 

Ok, I know, these are tricky questions. A lot of women that are not even aware of their beautiful talents and therefore keep underestimating themselves and play small in career, business and personal life. I want you to take a really good look at yourself and notice all the things you do naturally so well. Write it down; also your soft skills! What might look trivial to you, might be tremendously helpful for others!

Are your talents supportive to reach your goals? How can you put them to use? Or do you need to learn a new skill to succeed?
Answering these questions will also urge you to analyse your own resources. Maybe you don’t have all it takes to realise your plans, but what resources do you have? Think of your network, your technology, your property, your health and your time. How can you use them to create the outcome you aim for?

The ball is in your court now! Time to take action. Follow the steps above and share your insights, triggers and questions. I am looking forward to hear about your progress.

Too much to figure out alone?

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