Events & Courses

I am celebrating the seasonal festivals, apply various healing applications while connect with Mother Earth and the spirits of the season to gain deep insights for personal growth and alignment of our life paths. Join the sacred circle of women and let us take you on a journey.


Healing with Nature – Year course
Online course to help you towards more balance, joy and abundance

Do you want to increase your wellbeing and release stress?
Are you looking for ways to feel more aligned with your desires and with nature?
Would you like to feel mored balanced, energetic and happy?

You can join the course at any time and follow the monthly modules at your own pace. Every module includes a monthly energy update with exercises, tools and inspiration to help you create more balance and calm while using nature as a blueprint for harmonious living.



Monthly healing circle to support your physical, emotional and mental balance and spiritual growth.

Experience and learn practices to cleanse and safeguard your energy level, increase your intuition and your body’s self-healing capacity.

We will work with shamanic healing arts like meditation, visualisation, pendulum and connect with nature during our healing journey. Depending on the monthly energies, I will choose amongst the following disciplines so that every month you can experience, learn and deepen your intuition and spiritual practice:

  • Aura & Chakra cleansing, reading & balancing
  • Meditative self-healing
  • Creating a protective shield or filter to stay in your own energy
  • Connecting with your guides
  • Plant medicine
  • Intuitive readings of oracle cards, plants or items
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Systemic Healing

As a result of these evenings, you will feel more relaxed, grounded, balanced and closer to yourself.
Language: I will guide the evenings in Dutch and/or English, depending on the group settings. You can however always speak the language you feel more comfortable with when expressing yourself.
The Shamanic Healing Circle then takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month from 19.30 – 21.30 in Amsterdam Nieuw-West (Lakenhalstraat 2).

Dates 2024:
11 January | 8 February | 14 March | 11 April | 16 May | 13 June | 11 July 2024

Send an e-mail to or contact me at 06-13918054 (whatsapp, telegram or call).


Discover the power of guided shamanic visualizations and the ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel as we heal wounds to retrieve those lost soul parts, and help you feel complete again. In a safe and sacred space, release what no longer serves you and reconnect with your radiant and colorful self.

With each step, you’ll rediscover the missing pieces of your soul and bring them back into harmony, embracing your true wholeness and bringing your power and light to its fullest potential. So you can navigate daily life’s challenges with more ease and experience more balance, joy and flow.

1- 3 April 2022
RECALIBRATE RETREAT for Inner Peace & Balance
Elohim Healing Gardens, Veelerveen (Groningen)

Do you long for time for yourself? In a nurturing bubble where you can find inner peace and calm? Where you can gently connect with your soul? In a beautiful location with spiritual guidance and other like-minded women?

Inner Peace, Softness, Lightness and Spiritual Connection are the topics of the Nabrita Spring Retreat in an Spiritual Healing Garden in Veelerveen, Groningen. Aligned with the energy of the spring equinox, we focus on healing and re-calibrating to prepare our energy levels, body, mind and spirit, for the months ahead while deepening the connection to our higher-self and the Universe.

Join before 7 March to get 3 months free access to the Healing with Nature program.

Thursday 28 October – 16 December, weekly
Heal Yourself – Gain balance and clarity (8 week course)
LIVE in Amsterdam at Ruimte Kortenaerplein 32

Do you want to activate and increase your life force energy?
Are you looking for ways to boost your energy level and self-healing ability?
Would you like to feel mored balanced, energetic and happy?

Join this 8 weeks course to learn practices and tools you can use to heal yourself and others.
Every Thursday starting 28 October, 19.30 – 21.00.

Sunday, 26 September 2021, Full Day (10-17.30 CET)
The Soul Purpose Retreat
Live in Amsterdam at Reijgershof

Do you want to feel more joy and fulfilment?
Are you seeking more clarity about your life purpose?
Would you like to see your future path and next step unfold?

Let’s take you on a journey during the
Soul Purpose Retreat on 26 September in Amsterdam!

Thursday, 24 June 2021, Half Day (18 – 21.30 CET)
Midsummer Goddess Soul Retreat
Live in Amsterdam at the Buurtwerkplaats

Not sure what place in life you want to claim yet?
Or do you doubt whether you have all you need to claim that place and fulfill your mission?
Do you need guidance to refine your vision?

Then this half-day retreat is just the right space for you to gain clarity about your vision, mission and gifts.
Time to dream big, set your intention, consciously choose your future path and share your unique energy and talents with this world.