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Energy Healing

Heal yourself – Gain balance & clarity

Would you like to feel more balanced, energetic and happy?
Are you looking for ways to heal and boost your energy level?
Do you want to be able to maintain and safeguard your  own energy better?

Join this 8 week course to learn practices and tools you can use to heal yourself and others!
This course is for women wanting to boost the own healing capacity to support wellbeing of body, mind and spirit, to gain clarity and create more balance and happiness in life.

During the course we will work with the various energy centers (the 7 main chakras) to balance and heal by means of visualisations and hands-on healing techniques that help detecting and clearing blockages. Each week we concentrate on one chakra, from the root to the crown, and will stimulate your intuitive gifts with shamanic tools and practices that enable you to read energy and to better safeguard your own well-being also in the future. You will learn to strengthen and trust your intuition, to apply crystals, sound, color and visualisation for self-healing or healing others in a fun, educational and healing environment. You will be able to apply all techniques on your own after the course to maintain and increase your over-all well-being.

The benefits of Energy & Chakra Healing:

  • Promotes overall health and well-being
  • Helps to release emotional blockages and physical pain
  • Encourages mental clarity
  • Releases toxins, stress and tension in body and mind
  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids relaxation and improves sleep
  • Balances the function of organs
  • Strengthens self-esteem, creativity and joy
  • Heightens self-awareness and intuition
  • Increases vitality, spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • Creates comfort and harmony which effect health, relationships (with people and money)

The course includes:

  • 8 sessions of 90 minutes in a save environment
  • Guidance by Spiritual Life Coach & Certified Aura & Chakra Energy Healer Britta van Arman
  • Introduction to the energy system with its 7 main chakras
  • Aura Cleansing practice
  • Chakra cleansing and activation techniques
  • Use of smudges, crystals and colours
  • Use of healing sound with singing bowl
  • Use of pendulum or tensor
  • Self-healing visualisation
  • Stimulation of your intuition for reading and healing energies
  • Connection with your own spirit guides, universal energy en the power of Mother Earth
  • Healing for yourself and others

The Heal Yourself Course starts on 28 October – every Thursday – and ends on 16 December.
We practice from 19.30 – 21.00 in a central location in Amsterdam, at Kortenaerplein 32.
Participation costs 240€ per person and includes all the materials we are using during the lessons (tea and water included). Lessons are given in English unless the entire group is Dutch speaking, then I switch to my unique Dutch with German flavour 😉

All you need to bring is
– Pen and paper, maybe your favourite notebook, to journal and take notes of your experiences and insights.
– Comfortable clothing
– A blanchet to keep warm during our visualisations
– Openess to explore and share experiences in a save, but light and fun environment

Please feel free to contact me by email at hello@brittavanarman.com or whatsapp 06-13918054 if you have any further questions.
Or reserve your space by following the button hereunder. I am looking forward to connect and work with you on your healing journey!

Experiences from others

‘ It was a wonderful healing session and I still feel it radiating. I felt light and really tired after the treatment, but after a long rest I woke up feeling fresh and energetic. I was super efficient and productive the whole day and still feel the lightness. I do not feel stuck in my stories anymore and am really grateful for your support.”
– M.M.

‘ Thanks for the great session! It was very interesting to learn from you and the healing session was amazing and needed’ 
– Florence

‘Hallo Britta, ik ben sprakeloos. Ik had het je niet verteld, maar ik was vandaag bij een specialist en hij heeft bevestigt wat jij in mijn lijf aanvoelde. Ook de verdriet die je voelde klopt en heeft met verlies van een dierbare te maken. Na jouw healing voelde ik een licht gevoel rond mijn schouders. A weight has been lifted off en dat was een fijn gevoel.’
– Leah C.

‘Thanks so much for your healing energy; it helped me a lot and I do feel already much better today.’
– F.L.

Are there any Covid measures in place?2021-10-07T19:01:59+02:00

Eventhough the regulations have changed and the 1,5m distance is not necessary anymore, the group size to a maximum of 8 persons to have sufficient distance to each other when we meditate.

The room will be ventilated. Feel free to wear a mask if that makes you feel more protected and let us know if you have any wishes when connecting with you onsite for healing.

Do I need to be tested or show a certificate to participate?2021-09-19T13:11:48+02:00

We welcome you no matter if you you are vaccinated or unvaccinated as long as you are healthy.
There is no test of certificate required to join, but we trust that you stay home if you feel any signs of a cold, flu or other Covid-like symptoms.

We kindly ask you to respect each others space during the event and avoid speaking about the current pandemic.

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my participation?2021-10-07T18:59:40+02:00

Usually, I do not give refunds for event or course participations. However, due to the current situation, I am offering the following refund policy if you have to cancel the entire Heal Yourself course because of sickness:

You will receive a refund of 200 Euro. The 40 Euro difference is helping me to cover expenses; the costs for your  materials and rental. Alternatively we can also discuss compensation dates to catch up on missing classes.

Please call Britta at 06-13918054 to discuss the options if you need to cancel.


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