Many women are currently reviewing not only their lifestyle, but also the purpose and contribution of their activities; especially their work. But how to create a more fulfilling life?

Did these current, challenging times make you realise that you want to live differently?
Are you craving a feeling of belonging, fulfilment and purpose?
Do you wonder what you can change to live with intention and meaning?

Feeling out of alignment and isolated, many are realising a lack of meaning and fulfilment in their work and seek change. But how to change and challenge the status quo? During times of crisis? It requires courage and leadership! Courage to listen to yourself, to identify what it is you actually want and asking for help in the process. And it takes leadership to implement the change you want to see! I have been contemplating about leadership, what it means, what it takes to be a leader and reflected on my own leadership skills.

Are you a leader?

Talking about leadership, you might picture politicians, successful CEO’s, famous coaches or spiritual gurus. Those images in your head, might leave you with the idea that leadership is something you can never accomplish, that it is a skill that is reserved for the superlative. Nothing is further from the truth! Leadership is not something you are born into, it’s something you become over time and most importantly it starts with yourself.

We are all facing challenging situations on a daily basis, but some people are better coping and resolving them than others. This is where leadership begins – with your own intentions, decisions and actions! Taking full responsibility over your own life. Yes, it is difficult at times to pull yourself up and out of the victim position and stop blaming external circumstances for your fate. Once you acknowledge it and decide to take life back into your own hands, you can consciously align your activities to turn the ship around. You are a leader!  Over your own life at first, turning into a role model for your environment, your colleagues and friends and even your children. Whatever change you want to see, it really starts with yourself, with myself, and it is a never ending journey.

Empower yourself

It takes practice and discipline to find the tools and resources that help you along the way. Here a few practices you can implement in your daily routine to create a shift in your consciousness and empower yourself to become the leader you want to see in yourself and in others, especially your own children in the future.

5 ways to initiate change

Humans don’t like change as it feels threatening, but with these 5 tips you can shift your energy and make it easier through your transformation:

  1. Increase your physical energy to gain clarity, strength and willpower
    Starting the day with a daily routine including physical exercises, deep breathing, a cold shower as well at time for meditation, mindfulness, Qi Gong or similar helps to shake up the body and shift the mind. I implemented the cold shower myself to create a physical shift and often use grounding exercises to strengthen my chakras during meditations for more creativity and courage.
  2. Manage your mindset; releasing old patterns, limiting beliefs and rewriting your story
    Visualising the life you want to experience as if you have it already, empowers you to release unsupportive patterns and define action steps to materialise it. While visualising, you are initiating a universal shift that sets the creating process in motion for you. The law of attraction comes to play. Keep your inner self-talk positive and encouraging!
  3. Create better energy flow in your environment to nurture yourself and support your activities
    The energies of our environment – our homes – have gained on importance since we all work much more from home. Feng Shui is reveals the powers at play and helps to choose the right locations for your various activities. Whether you study for an exam, need relaxation or try to close a deal, the right space matters as it supports your own energy level.
  4. Look for the right, aligned strategy
    Not every approach suits everybody. Choose a strategy that suits your personality and the cause. Your personal blueprint and archetype according to Chinese Astrology provide the insights that help you align your strategy.
  5. Time your activities well for high impact
    Oh yeah, don’t we all know that timing is so important for a positive outcome? Imagine you could consciously pick the best date and time to close a deal successfully… that’s what we do using Date Selection, a scientific approach matching your personal energies with the energy of day and hour to define when it most supportive for various important activities.

Whatever way(s) you choose, once you took the first step towards change and realise that it doesn’t hurt, it gets easier to stay in motion and create with intention. Helping yourself first by aligning your activities to your own, inner wisdom and talents, you will soon be an inspiration for others. We don’t need to keep up with the vicious cycle that limits ourselves! Living in alignment, authentically, we are much happier and more valuable in our private and professional circles.

Even though the timing seems bad during this time of uncertainty, there are opportunities! Do you know that some of the most successful companies started up during times of crisis? We just need to open up to see the opportunities and be creative to work with them. Nobody says that we need to turn everything upside down at once! Taking one little steps at a time does create transformation!

I have a dream

Imagine a world where women are following their true nature, building heart connections, living fearless, free judgements, expectations and limitations from our systems, society and one another. Building the foundation for the next generation, our daughters, for new ways of co-creating. Can you see it? Do you feel the urge to change? To take leadership over your life and align to this new era of Aquarius energies?

In my coaching practice, I am helping women to find their true nature and empower them to take control over their life. Combining coaching techniques with clearing, healing and insights based on Chinese metaphysics, and I am supporting them to initiate change and consciously design the life they are longing for. Want to know more? Contact me for a free 30-minute call and sign up for the newsletter too!

How does your dream life look like? What are you doing to bring your dream to life? Share with us in the comments below so we can support and cheer you on!