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An intuitive coach can help you to make your dreams become reality, so you can live a life that is worth living. A consultation with an intuitive coach from Living Chi will help you access your intuition, which enables you to release blockages. Without these blockages, nothing stands in your way to reach the career you want or enhance the relationships with people in your personal life.

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The benefits of a consultation with an intuitive coach

A consultation with an intuitive coach will give you the tools to cope with blockages, such as self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. Additionally, we will also work on discovering what your purpose in life is, making sure that you can work towards it. However, a consultation with me offers even more benefits for your life, such as:

  • Finding a new passion or hobby
  • Improving your social life
  • Improving your confidence
  • Improving your physical, emotional and mental health
  • Discovering your intuition
  • Becoming a happier person in general

These benefits are only a part of what we can achieve during a consultation. Do you want to reach another goal through coaching? One of my services, such as energy healing or healing coaching, might be able to help you reach those goals.

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Would you like to schedule a session with an intuitive coach? Please get in touch with me by calling +31 (0)6 139 180 54, by sending an email to or by filling in my contact form and schedule an appointment in Amsterdam or request a free 30-minute consultation.