Energy reset on 21 December 2020!
Grab your chance to manifest what you are wishing for in 2021!

During the past few weeks we experienced powerful energetic shifts caused by planetary movements. Since the 11/11 November portal one cosmic event followed another: Strong Full Moons, the 12/12 portal, the solar eclipse last week – all leading up to the Great Reset during this years’ very special winter solstice. A reset we are all ready for, right?

What is the Great Reset? What makes this winter solstice so special?

I was curious myself and followed closely when my astrology teacher, Joey Yap, explained it. The two biggest planets of our solar system, Jupiter & Saturn, are meeting and aligning in a straight line in Southwest direction from Earth. They seem to merge into one very bright star (also called Christmas Star). The conjunction of these two galactic influencers happens only every 19.8 years, but what makes it even more special this time, is the close distance to us; hence the strong influence. It’s only every 60 years that Jupiter & Saturn meet on the closest part of their orbit. So, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event and take the time to look up in the night sky tomorrow. If the sky is clear, we should be able to spot the two giants appearing as one super bright star between 19-21.00 hrs CET.

The conjunction is activating all aspects of the horoscope sign RAT as the event is triple dipping into rat energy (happening in the year (2020) and month (december) of the rat in the house of the rat (north). It is bringing new beginnings and catapults us into a new era of female energy and spirituality. Jupiter is symbol of wealth and expansion while Saturn asks to push through limitations. Clearly – change is in the air! And change is what we are all longing for in these unprecedented times.

How can you take advantage of this shift?

Make a wish now!
Here my 5-step approach:

  1. Letting go
    Spend some time to identify and let go of things, people and beliefs that do not serve you anymore. I recommend to take an hour for yourself to reflect on the year – maybe by looking through your photo library or your calendar, or during a meditation – and set the intention to forgive and let go of all that is holding you back (including the fear of this pandamic).
  2. Formulating your wish
    Then focus on the things you want to keep and expand and formulate one wish. Be precise and write it down so that you are ready to place your ‘order’ tomorrow evening. I call it ‘order’ as it should be as detailled and determined like ordering a new iPhone for example. Choose the model, the colour, the storage space you need, all the accessories, envision how it looks and feels when having and using it and pick the delivery date.Making a wish for a happier life works exactly like that, BUT you need to add one more aspect: what are you doing to get it?
  3. Defining your contribution
    Ordering an iPhone you need to visit a store, put the item in your cart and pay. You will probably not wish for an iPhone, but maybe for a better relationship, a new love, a salary raise or a new job, weight loss…. whatever it is, think of the actions you will take in order to realise your wish, commit to it and start executing after placing your ‘order’ with the cosmic forces tomorrow.
  4. Timing it right
    Make your wish between 19 – 21.00hrs on 21 December!
    This is the most auspicious time during this auspicious day! Make your wish and envision it- in detail – while committing to your activities to realise your dream. For example, wishing for a new job, commit to register on a career site.
  5. Universal alignment
    In metaphysics we are following the movement of energy according to universal patterns. This way we can define not only good timing, but also good locations or directions for activities. Manifesting your wish, look towards the conjunction of the planets in Southwest, with your back towards Northeast. It’s most effective to enter a meditative state, so that your body & mind is calm and focussed when making your wish. The Southwest – Northeast axis is at this specific time guarded by two dieties supporting the fulfilment of your wish.

Spread the light

Join also one of the mass mediations to increase the frequency and light on earth. The more people join to spread love, the faster we will leave darkness, manipulation and limitations behind. I am personally joining the We Love Mass Meditation. No matter which one you might join, they take place at 19.22 CET to tap into the cosmic energies and unite humanity. Here the link to download the meditation for an ad-free  experience (I have no affiliation with the organisers).

May your wishes come true in 2021!
If you need support planning and aligning your dreams for the year ahead,  schedule a free 30-minute call to tap my brain and find out how I can help.
Love & Light, Britta