We are finally in spring season and April is the month where we see nature coming back to life. Trees and flowers grow buds which expand towards the sun, open up to show themselves in all their beauty. It is outgoing, yang energy where everything is waking up form a time of recovery, ready to open up and show itself. Are you ready to open-up and show yourself?

We are nature too and unconsciously, we are following the same cycle. We can even consciously use this cycle to plan and align our activities, to thrive and become unstoppable just like the flowers we admire so much!

April is named after the sun god Apollo, also called Aperia (=opening), and invites us to open up and show our true self with all our beautiful talents and be the person we really are. But that is exactly the problem for so many beautiful women who feel lost and disconnected from their true nature, their talents and dreams.

3 steps to discover your talents by reconnecting with (your) nature

  1. Self-discovery and awareness
    Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and take a three deep breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Then continue breathing in your own rhythm and start thinking of the things you loved doing in your childhood and all the way up to your current life. Then open your eyes and start writing down whatever comes to mind.
    Focus on the things you enjoy doing, no matter how small they are, things others are complementing you on or ask for your help with – in private and professional life.
    Review the list and pay attention to the emotions that come up with everything you listed.
    The ones that you feel most excited about deserve your attention!
  2. Giving purpose to your talents
    Follow the instructions under point 1 and ask the energy of the eagle to help you to gaining insights. If you have problems visualising it, hold a figurine or picture of an eagle to tap into its energy or listen to The eagle is the king of the birds and is symbol for who you really are. The spirit of eagle opens the door to your soul, creates balance between head and heart while connecting  life path and purpose. Its broad perspective helps to set better goals and take aligned decisions.
  3. Empowering your mission
    The alder tree is known as protector of the heart and symbolises perseverance and willpower; exactly what you might need to dare showing your talents and true self in meaningful, new ways. The alder tree helps you to heal the emotions that might hold you back and therefore empowers (new) intentions. Search for an alder tree in your area and spend time next to the tree and feel it’s trunk or leaves. Alternatively, look at a picture of an alder tree and notice the emotions and thoughts coming up. 

There are many ways to find and embrace your talents and life path. I am also using Chinese astrology (Bazi) to reveal deep insights about personality traits and talents. Bazi combines the human, earthly energies with the cosmic energies and enables to foresee upcoming changes and opportunities. With this knowledge we can align activities and create a better life.

Looking at the energy of this YANG WATER DRAGON month (5 April – 4 May 2021) we can expect a rather emotional time with lots of tension and unseen activity behind the scenes. Health threats are still not resolved. The global pandemic and the attached regulations are limiting us and our natural instinct to go out, show ourselves and reconnecting with others after the winter period. It goes against our natural cycle to stay isolated, especially during the light season. Emotions are rising as more and more people want to break free and follow the call of the April energy: Opening up, going out and showing themselves! We might see more protests encouraged by this month energy, but our patience is still required until change is coming; but that is a whole different conversation. So, how can you make use of those emotions? Emotions are showing us the way forward; by showing up we have the opportunity to heal and transform them so that we can move on. It is helpful to take time to wind down, listen to your body and heart, allow those feelings to be there. Simply by acknowledging them and asking yourselves why we feel sad or angry, we can discover old wounds and heal.

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