Whenever the energy in a space becomes inactive and stagnant, it negatively impacts its users by making them feel overly tired, depressed or moody. The effects are impacting all areas of life, whether it is family, relationships, career or health. Purifying and re-activating the vibration and flow of the spacial energy, increases wellbeing and positively impacts all aspects of life. Working together with my spiritual guides, I am using a mix of tools like smudges, natural salt and sound to first cleanse and then reactivate the energy with healing love vibrations. Are you living in/around Amsterdam and want to get a space clearing for your home or home office? Book your space clearing session now! Are you living more than 50km/1-hour away? And/Or do you have a commercial/corporate space? Please request a quote via the contact form or email hello@brittavanarman.com. * Travel expenses are applicable for distances above 10km and parking.