Energy Healing & Coaching

130,00  incl. 21% Dutch VAT

During an Energy Healing & Coaching session treatment the body’s self-healing ability is stimulated to help resolve physical and emotional blockages and pain. The treatment is always customised and might include application of crystals, use of smudges and singing bowl as well as meditation and/or card reading. You will gain insights about the life topics, patterns and limiting beliefs that need healing.  Clients usually feel more energy, relaxation and clarity after a session and feel empowered to start taking charge over their now lives.


The body is a reflection of our life and stores the traumas we experience or inherit; those often create emotional or physical blockages. As Certified Aura & Chakra Healer, I discover and release those blockages to stimulate the self-healing ability of body, mind and soul.

I intuitively apply crystals, sound healing, mediations/visualisations, release rituals and other coaching techniques for healing of the physical, mental and emotional blockages. You will gain insights about life topics and patterns to remedy and usually feel more energy, relaxation and clarity after the session.

This in-person energy healing & coaching takes 90 minutes and allows more time to integrate energetic shifts. Under my spirit guidance you and your body, mind and spirit will get exactly what it can process at that moment.

Please schedule an introduction call with me here if you have any questions.
Or book your session online and I will contact you to set a date.

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