Healing with Nature is an All-in-1 Spiritual Subscription to help you experience more balance, joy & abundance while grounding and healing in nature. The membership is available as a month subscription and annual subscription.
You will receive our monthly energy update with insights, practices and tips per email. With our guidance, you will discover the nurturing and magical energy of nature in a deep, connecting, healing and fun way. Love is our guiding force! Joining our Circle will offer you a profound and long term transformation and has the following benefits:

* Heal yourself in nature with grounding, calming and fun exercises
* Re-balance and experience relaxation, joy and abundance
* Raise your frequency and self-awareness
* Increase your intuition
* Navigate daily life challenges with ease
* Accelerate your spiritual growth

A month membership includes the following:
* 1 x Energy Update for the month (theme, totem animal, plants…)
* 1x Inspiration & tools how to work with the energy of the month
* 1x Full Moon Healing Circles online
* Access to our warm, intimate and safe online community to share and support each other (not on Facebook)
* Fun and connection with like-minded, spiritual beings
* Nabrita Healing vibes offered by Britta & Nathasja
* Online access to the shared content (videos, meditations, e-books….)