Sometimes everything feels heavy, the mind keeps getting stuck in the same negative selftalk or the things we said in a conflicting situation. But not only our own emotions, thoughts and physical state can drain us, also the energy of others does. And that is actually the most common as we absorb all the vibes of the collective. This energy gets stuck in our own energy field as well as in our working and living environment.

In this busy world, with lots of deadlines, we often don’t take the time for a proper cleansing ritual – or maybe you don’t like the smell of burning incense, herbs and woods, or don’t know what to use and how to do it?

This product has been developed in cooperation with Nathasja Gootjes under the shared brand Nabrita ( as we wanted to offer an easy solution with the Aura clearing and healing spray. It is based on the original Florida water from Peru, induced with loving healing energy of two seasoned healers (Nathasja and myself) and enhanced with a handpicked crystal.

The effect
– immediate relief of negative energy
– feeling lighter
– more clarity
– better focus
– more energy

For personal use or use in your space. Highly recommended for use in your practice, whether you are a coach, healer, therapeut or share an office space with others.