Monthly healing circle May (crown chakra)
Support your physical, emotional and mental balance and spiritual growth.

Do you want to experience and learn practices to cleanse and safeguard your energy level, increase your intuition and your body’s self-healing capacity and therefore your physical and emotional wellbeing?

The Shamanic Healing Circle is a place to explore various ways of energy healing. We will work with shamanic healing arts like meditation, visualisation and connect with nature during our healing journey through the chakras. Our energy centers, the chakras, play a central role and depending on the monthly energies, I will choose amongst the following disciplines so that every month you can experience, learn and deepen your intuition and spiritual practice.

This time we will strengthen the connection with source to stimulate and enhance our inner knowing, our energy levels, mental clarity and spiritual growth.

19.30 – 21.30
Lakenhalstraat 2, Amsterdam