Becoming whole

Do you feel stuck, empty and unfulfilled and long for a life filled with joy and happiness? Do you feel disconnected from your true self, your dreams and deepest desires? You want to overcome emotional and mental blockages, feel whole and experience more flow, ease and energy, but don’t know how to get unstuck? Then you are in the right place!

It is an inspiring time and opportunity to let go of what holds you back, to consciously align and re-organise life to experience wholesomeness. Now is your time to break indoctrinated believes and limitations, discover your true potential and create the meaningful life you really deserve and desire! Let me be your guide in discovering how you can proceed to create your dream life!


My personal 1:1 coaching sessions are online or in-person in Amsterdam. I designed three packages to help you through every stage of your transformation. Choose the package most suitable for your personal need; whether you seek help to gain clarity, creating a transformation plan or support throughout an entire year. For more information click here.

Life planning - making appointments in calendar


Helping you to get the most out of your time, I am compiling various tools to align your Life Planning. Get your annual calendar or the metaphysically enhanced vision board template to align activities and your physical surrounding to thrive throughout the year! Check for availability here.


The body is a reflection of our life and stores energies based on our experiences; those often create emotional or physical blockages and keep us from reaching our goals. As Certified Aura & Chakra Healer I discover and release those blockages so that your body’s self-healing process is stimulated. Besides use of crystals and singing bowl to enhance the energy flow in the body, I often include a card reading for guidance. You will gain clarity about the topics that need emotional healing and usually feel more energised.


Get your natural remedies to clear your space and uplift yourself. I offer room sprays and healing remedies for yourself. Bach Blossom Remedies are powerful, natural essences and offer support during emotionally challenging times. Following my spirit guidance, I combined blossoms in two remedies to support emotional stability during challenging times.