Energy Healing to support your transformation

Our body as well as our environment, the buildings we live and work in, are absorbing the energies of the people we are surrounded by and the experiences we are making every day. Bad experiences cause negative emotions and thoughts that create stagnation, blockages, illness or pain and often hinder us from moving forward.

Getting unstuck and consciously architecting your desired life, requires to overcome those blockages so that you can step back into your very own power. During my treatments I discover and start releasing blockages by strengthening the body’s self-healing mechanism. Energy treatments for body and home are available both in-person and remotely.

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Personal sessions (in-person or online)

The body is a reflection of our life. It stores events and trauma’s we experience or inherit. And often enough those create emotional, mental  or physical blockages. As Certified Aura & Chakra Healer, I locate and release those blockages in our physical and energetical body so that your body’s self-healing is stimulated.

You will gain insights and guidance for the topics that show up for release and usually feel more energy, relaxation and clarity after the session. Pain and emotional stress is reduced or even removed. A healing can also be done in a video call.

Besides use of crystals and sound healing, I also include card readings for guidance. Customised Bach Blossoms, aligned to your needs, can be composed to accompany your transformation or you can order my prepared remedies here.

Distance Healings

This is a great alternative if circumstances do not allow an in-person treatment (live or online). For example when the client has had a psychosis before or a sick person shall receive a healing to support the recovery process.

It really works and has proven as very powerful support tool for family members and friends in need. It only requires a photo of the person to treat alongside a short, personal message. I will then tune into the energy in my own time to perform a healing that is aligned to the circumstances and the strength of the patient. You will then receive a message by email or whatsapp with my findings and insights.

Space Cleansing

Space Cleansing (or clearing) is an ancient method used in various cultures and spiritual practices to remove negative, low vibrating energies from the environment we live and work in. Whenever the energy in a space becomes inactive and stagnant, it negatively impacts its users by making them feel overly tired, depressed or moody. The effects are impacting all areas of life, whether it is family, relationships, career or health. Purifying and re-activating the vibration and flow of the spacial energy, increases wellbeing and positively impacts all aspects of life.

Whether you feel physically and emotionally drained or experience conflicts and struggles, the energetic imprint of your living or working space might need a reset to uplift you and your efforts for a better life quality.

I recommend space cleansing after illness and the passing of a loved one, after gathering with many people or accumulated obstacles and disruptions in a household or work space. Working together with my spiritual guides, I am using a mix of tools like smudges, natural salt and sound to first cleanse and then reactivate the energy with healing love vibrations. I also discovered that space clearings can be done in-person during a visit to your home or office as well as remotely.