Spiritual Life Coaching for more fulfillment

You want to take life back into your own hands and find activities, a career, that feels purposeful and fulfilling. Activities, that support your mission and allow you to live authentically using all your talents and senses to match your personal blueprint. You long for connections with people that understand you, your longing and support you on your path.

You are dreaming about this transformation for some time, but keep getting stuck in daily obligations, self-doubt and simply cannot figure it out alone. If you are DONE, want to challenge the status quo and step up to create a brighter future, I am here to help you get clarity.

Now is the time to break indoctrinated believes and limitations, discover your true potential and create the meaningful life you really deserve and desire! Let me be your guide in discovering how you can proceed to create your dream life!

Start your Transformation with my unique Coaching

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Clarity & Purpose

Do you want to turn your life into a more positive experience that feels completely aligned with your personality? Then this 4-week coaching package is your starting point. During our time together we will focus on self awareness to reveal your hidden talents and desires. It does not matter if you already have a clear vision of the life changes you want to make or not. We will reveal what suits you best so that you can define next action steps. While you are doing the inner work with my guidance, I am also analysing your personal blueprint and share my findings to supplement your own discoveries. Merging personality reading and self reflection is a powerful first step to initiate change.

4-week program

Are you are ready to… 

  • Challenge the status quo?
  • Do the inner work to initiate change?
  • Let go of unsupportive beliefs?
  • Find your purpose and formulate your mission?

What You Get

  • 1x Kick-off call of 90 minutes
  • 3x 60-minute call
  • Assessment, exercises and action steps after each session
  • Access to resources like meditations, affirmations, healings
  • Analysis of your personal blueprint (birth chart)
  • Email and What’s app support

Your Investment 

Life Design

Transforming your life does not only require insights, it takes purging and planning of bold actions to create a shift that attracts new people and opportunities. Spending 12 weeks together, we will not only create insights, but also initiate a new mindset and planning for aligned activities to help you reach your goals. Reviewing your habits and patterns we will prepare a strategic plan that matches your true nature and aligns with your personal, spatial and universal energies. Let’s take it to the next level and put your dreams into motion with an achievable plan based on the insights we created during the REVEAL module.

3-month program

Are you ready to…

  • Let go of blockages and limitations?
  • Plan activities that create the change you want to see?
  • Do the inner work while aligning your surrounding?

What You Get

  • 4 weeks Reveal program plus
  • 8 x 60 minute calls (weekly)
  • Action steps and fieldwork after each session
  • Access to resources like meditations, affirmations
  • Spatial map to align your home (Feng Shui)
  • Monthly calendar for aligned activity planning
  • Email and What’s app support

Your Investment 


Knowing your purpose and having a Life Design Plan is one thing, acting upon it is another. Having a vision and a plan is often simply not enough to make change happen. It is so easy to fall back into old patters or taking decisions and actions that do not serve your life transformation. A sparring partner, somebody who holds you accountable and on-track, supports your decision making process and advices you also in challenging times when self sabotage kicks in. Whether you need a pep-talk, time to reflect, analyse or align goals, in a monthly call I am helping you to stay authentic and focussed on your mission based on the REVEAL and RECLAIM modules.

12-month program

Are you are ready to…

  • Fully commit to change the course?
  • Take aligned action to reach your goals?
  • Invest in a coach to keep you accountable and on-track?

What You Get

  • 4 weeks REVEAL program plus
  • 8 weeks RECLAIM program plus
  • 9 x 60 minute calls (valid for 10 months)
  • Access to my entire knowledge center
  • Advice for activity planning, prediction models, spatial and physical alignments, healings as well as oracle card readings
  • Personal calendar to schedule your activities for best outcome
  • Email and What’s app support

Your Investment 

Schedule your free ♥2♥ Conversation

This complimentary 30-minute call (Zoom or WhatsApp) is the first step towards our potential coaching relationship.
It is your chance to ask me anything related to your career/life transformation, my coaching practice and energy work and
helps us to find out if we are a match. No strings attached!

What you get

30 minutes of my time to ask any pressuring question

Your investment
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