Conscious Life Design Tools for aligned living

Are you looking for tools that help you stay on track when designing the life you envision? Tools that help you to stay in flow and get the most out of your activities?

Imagine you would have the tools that help you take aligned action every day, allow you to do things with more ease and create better outcomes. Often we push activities that are just not supported by the current energy and therefore require a lot of effort, pushing and persistency on our end. It’s like swimming against the stream. No matter how hard you try, you are barely moving forward to reach your goal. Would you not rather swim with the stream, enjoying it’s power that helps you to move with much less effort and gets you to your goal much easier?

I am currently working on an online calendar that you can simply add to your online planner (google calendar, outlook calendar or iCal). It will enable you to plan your meetings and daily activities according to the energetic imprint of the day. You don’t need to be an expert to know that some days are simply better to close a deal while other days are calling you to sort our things in the background. But did you know that this is a predictable energy pattern that influences your very own energy field? This calendar is giving you the information you need for better, more aligned planning.

Life planning - making appointments in calendar
Energy aligned calendar for better life planning

This online calendar is currently in development and will launch soon. Want to be notified when this product becomes available? Simply send an email to or submit the contact form.

Free calculators

Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and QiMen are all based on your birthdate and time and provide insights for conscious life planning using the energetic information from the universe, earth and mankind. They define and influence our mindset, our actions and surrounding. The two calculators below are simplified and provide the basic information you need for your DIY projects and analyses following along my blogs, ebooks, social media posts and coaching programs.

BaZi calculator

QiMen calculator