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Dear beautiful soul,

We are excited to host the next seasonal retreat on Sunday 26 September in a beautiful yurt surrounded by a spiritual garden in Amsterdam. During this one-day Soul Purpose Retreat we are taking you on a journey to discover or deepen your life purpose and to nurture and heal your soul.

See your life path unfold

Connecting with your soul and its purpose will activate its energy within yourself and unfolds your life path before you; so that you can take the next steps towards a more aligned and fulfilled future.

After this day retreat you will feel more grounded, more connected to your heart and lighter after eliminating patterns and beliefs that do not serve you anymore. You will feel empowered to create the purposeful life you desire and ready to contribute to the new world, in your own unique way and in your own pace.

Join our safe space to connect with your body, your heart and nature to refine your future self and uncover the next steps on your life path.

Enjoy nature, mediations and rituals

While you enjoy a cup of tea and yummie snacks, we will open our sacred circle with meditations and healing rituals to activate your intentions in the afternoon. We connect with ourselves and each other while healing by means of nature, meditations, self-inquiry and shamanic rituals. Britta and Nathasja will support you intuitively, with their guides and clearsentience, and will offer energy healing to you and the group.

A healthy, nurturing lunch will help you to recharge in a relaxed atmosphere and there is also enough time to reflect during a guided walk in nature.

The venue, the Reijgershof with its beautiful garden and surrounding lands, is located on the edge of Amsterdam and easy to reach by public transport and car (free parking).

Become part of the sacred circle

Reserve your space in our circle for €197. The fee includes, coffee/tea/juice, healthy snacks as well as lunch!
And if you invite a friend we don’t know yet, we will gift you also a personal reading valued €50.
We can’t wait to see you on 26 September!

During the retreat we will use indoor and outdoor spaces; please dress accordingly. All materials will be provided, but feel free to also bring your own if you wish (crystal, sheep skin, blanket…). We respect the Covid measures and keep at least 1,5m distance.

English and/or Dutch, depending on the group composition. You can always speak the language of your choice – Dutch or English!

Your investment for this day retreat:
€197 – including coffee, tea, juice, healthy snacks and lunch.
We have only 12 spaces available in our circle. Click the sign up button to secure your space.
If you are bringing a friend (new to us) we are gifting you a personal reading with a value of €50.

Date and time:
Sunday, 26 September 2021, 10:00 – 17:30

Provincialeweg 30
1108 AB Amsterdam

For accommodation, please contact the location directly to check availability at the Bed & Breakfast. Alternatively you can find the Hotel Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside in walking distance. Maybe a nice idea for a mini vacation in Amsterdam.

Your Guides during this retreat

Britta and Nathasja have been using their psychic and healing abilities all their life. They have both found their true nature and created a life aligned with their heart, soul and gifts. They have a strong and down-to-earth connection with their guides and are powerful, intuitive healers of energy. They both turned their mission into thriving businesses and are now helping others to reconnect with their true nature too.

When they met they truly found a soul mate in each other with the same, deep connection with nature, strong energetic power and a similar mission. So they decided to join forces with a shared mission and lots of flow and fun!

Nathasja Grootjes is a Guide, Healer & High Priestess of Divine Love. She guides down-to-earth spiritual women and men who want to connect with their essence and gifts. In order to fully be themselves and live their unique talents. 

Britta van Arman is a Life Design Coach, Healer & Shaman.  She helps women, that feel stuck and unfulfilled, to find their true nature and create life that is aligned and filled with intention and purpose.

Experiences from others

‘ It feels exciting and nourishing. It was transformative and so nurturing. Loved it! ”
– Marie-Louise

” It was amazing to feel a lighter load, the pain I was having is gone. I was reminded to cut cords with certain individuals and I felt ease and lightness again. I also had the energy to create & have this filtering bubble around my apartment and myself. This morning I felt a warm, exciting humming vibration throughout my body. I was not drained or tired anymore.”
– Jemyrr

” You created a space allowing us to be 100% woman and to practice witchcraft unapologetically.”
– Indy

” I loved being part of the goddess retreat. It was too short! You and Nathasja organised everything so fine…”
– Eliane

” THANK-YOU for such a wonderful experience. I am so glad I took the step to find you both and dared to show
my vulnerabilities. Within a short time frame, I felt an energy of trust and love formed.
This is a unique experience for me.”

– Mag

Questions & Answers

Are there any Covid measures in place?2021-10-07T19:01:59+02:00

Eventhough the regulations have changed and the 1,5m distance is not necessary anymore, the group size to a maximum of 8 persons to have sufficient distance to each other when we meditate.

The room will be ventilated. Feel free to wear a mask if that makes you feel more protected and let us know if you have any wishes when connecting with you onsite for healing.

Do I need to be tested or show a certificate to participate?2021-09-19T13:11:48+02:00

We welcome you no matter if you you are vaccinated or unvaccinated as long as you are healthy.
There is no test of certificate required to join, but we trust that you stay home if you feel any signs of a cold, flu or other Covid-like symptoms.

We kindly ask you to respect each others space during the event and avoid speaking about the current pandemic.

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my participation?2021-10-07T18:59:40+02:00

Usually, I do not give refunds for event or course participations. However, due to the current situation, I am offering the following refund policy if you have to cancel the entire Heal Yourself course because of sickness:

You will receive a refund of 200 Euro. The 40 Euro difference is helping me to cover expenses; the costs for your  materials and rental. Alternatively we can also discuss compensation dates to catch up on missing classes.

Please call Britta at 06-13918054 to discuss the options if you need to cancel.


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