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An online or in-person consultation with a spiritual life coach based in Amsterdam will help you navigate your life in a way that it matches your goals, dreams and beliefs. The disconnect between what you do and what you want could make you feel drained. Change could re-energize you, which is why Living Chi offers you the tools to align your way of life with your wants and needs, through an online or in-person consultation with a spiritual life coach in Amsterdam.

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How can a spiritual life coach in Amsterdam help you?

You should know that everything is energetically connected, so your personal, mental and spatial energies all affect each other. Imbalance between these energies could affect your wellbeing, with you feeling emotionally or physically drained as a consequence. As a result, you could see obstacles everywhere you go. I provide you with the tools to break down these obstacles and to thrive in a balanced, happy and healthier life. I provide online or in-person consultations in Amsterdam as a spiritual life coach, but also as a life design coach.

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Do you want to know what an online or in-person consultation with a spiritual life coach, based in Amsterdam, could do for you? Feel free to get in touch with me by calling +31 (0)6 139 180 54, by sending an email to hello@brittavanarman.com or by filling in my contact form. I would love to get to know you during a free 30-minute consultation and discuss how I could help you balance your life.