What to do when feeling overwhelmed and stressed by all the obligations and daily tasks? When you don’t know anymore where to start, how to divide yourself between family and work? When you are constantly stuck in your head and feel numb inside? When you feel trapped in a life that does not excite and fulfil you anymore? In this blog I am sharing why time for yourself, ME-time, is so important.


Time for yourself, self-care, is one of the most important tools I discovered only over the past few years. I remember it was topic during one of the first conferences I went to when starting my business. At that point, I could not make a connection and did not understand why it was important for my personal growth and even my business. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the conversation and went home inspired to plan little self-care moments into my day.

In retrospect, this was the first time I realized that it was not at all supportive to just keep going, to never stop, to have a long to-do list, to take care of everything for everyone, to put myself always at the end of the priority list – every day over and over again. I started to understand that I can only function properly, be creative in my approach to life, work and family if I am centered, balanced and nurtured myself. Just think of the instructions of the flight intendants showing on the airplane how to use the oxygen masks. They tell us to put on our own mask first so that we can help our kids and other people in need. That makes so much sense and applying it to daily life translates to self-care. Putting yourself first is not selfish; you can support others much better being healthy and happy!

Setting boundaries

Especially we mothers always have the tendency to put the needs of others first. Childcare, household, chores, playtime, work, everything has priority and makes us feel like being pulled on all legs and arms at the same time, right? Setting boundaries and planning just a little breathing time, time for yourself, makes a huge difference for your state of mind, your well-being, and allows you to refocus your attention and gain clarity. Being in your center, you will be much more connected to your soul desires too.

How to add time for yourself with all these responsibilities and tasks?

Well, self-care starts with small things to nurture yourself, your mind, your body, your emotions and does not necessary require heaps of time!

  • It allows you to day dream, to see, listen and feel your inner world
  • It triggers the senses
  • It creates awareness
  • It helps to let go of stress
  • It connects body & mind
  • It centers, stabilises and energises
  • It enhances the relationship to yourself as well as to others
  • It creates clarity and focus
  • It is a form of gratitude – for life, for being!

I am grateful for all the things I learned about myself, the experiences and break throughs I had since practicing self-care, since listening to my own needs and setting boundaries to create that time!

10 minutes to transform your life

Self-care can start with little things: a 10-minute break to enjoy your favorite cup of tea outside in the sun, a short walk during lunch break, a call with a friend you have not talked to for long, reading 10 pages in a book, a short meditation, writing in your diary, practicing a ritual? There are so many ways to implement self-care moments in daily life! Just think about the small pleasures. What is it for you?

January is the time to release and renew! It is the time for new beginnings and supports the transformation of patterns, fears and beliefs that hold us back from creating our dream lives. Time to start designing your life consciously. Plan some self-care moments in 2021!

Do you have any daily routines, take time to nurture your body, mind and soul?
Share your experience and practice with us in the comments below.

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