Tips for inner peace and balance

Most women operate on low energy levels and so did I for a long time until I decided to take my power back. It did not happen overnight of course, but it is rather an ongoing, step-by-step process. It was not easy to admit, and it is not always easy to stay on course either. In this blog I share my personal experience, some tools, and tips how to create more balance and inner peace.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of balance can have many causes. For me it was a job that did not completely fulfil me, professional and private deadlines lining up and feeling stuck in a rat race between career and family duties, serving anybody but myself. My energy level was low and my physical and mental wellbeing suffered. Once I realized and admitted that life (and I) wasn’t as much fun anymore, it was time for change!

Time to stop blaming others for my misery, time to start creating a better life balance, find my passions, my own way of doing things, take charge and review my boundaries to create more time and balance for myself. And slowly I discovered my medicine!


My first healing tool was movement. I enrolled in a powerwalk class to become more active as I wanted it to be active outdoors and in nature. Physical movement was the first step to my physical recovery, as it changed the dynamics and strengthened me for my transformation.


Daily meditation helped to connect with my heart, my intuition, and my spirit guides. I became aware that I needed to review not only my activities, but especially my belief system and my boundaries. Boundaries are based on personal values and help us taking decisions and interacting with other people.


Writing down what comes up during meditations or sharing it with a friend or accountability partner is empowering to take the steps to realize these change you want to experience. Personally, I work best if I have an accountability partner and since I know that, accepting and implementing change has become much easier.


Do you know the inner voice, that holds you back from doing something different? It might tell you that you are not good enough, that it’s impossible to change and do what you really desire…. It’s a survival mechanism from our childhood that kept us safe, but these programs from the past are not necessarily beneficial. So, I learned some techniques to keep my mind under control or pull myself back out of a dark place.

Energy Cleansing

Are you aware that more than 90% of our thought and emotions are actually not our own, but that we pick up these vibes from other people? One of my favourite quick fixes for an immediate uplifting effect is an energy cleansing. If I do not have time to smudge, I am using an Energy Cleansing Spray and finally created one together with Nathasja under the Nabrita brand. It is a high vibrational, energy infused mixture based on original Florida water from Peru (made of herbs and blossoms) with a hand-picked healing crystal for every customer. Want to get your own?


Nature walks, grounding, enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth is what keeps me on track and aligned throughout the year. I love how nature is changing with the seasons and the messages trees and animals carry. Nature provides us with such profound wisdom and a perfect blueprint for harmonic living. Following the blueprint, reading the signs of nature, and working with the energy of plants and animals, we can bring light into our being and experience balance and joy.

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